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 模组特点(Module Features)

20mm像素间距, 16*16模组分辨率、320mm*320mm模组尺寸,灯驱合一结构,模组轻便、集成度高;

With 20 mm pixel pitch, module resolution of 16*16module size of 320mm*320mm the structure of combined driver board ensures the module light, integration high.


With the features of super brightness, low attenuation, high reliability, good consistencyand high weather ability.


With the module cover ensures dust proof, anti-sun, anti-direct collision with the light emitting chip and also can reach the effect of chip protection.


With three water brushing, moisture proof, water proof, anti-corrosion.


With the adaption of PC engineering plastic and epoxy resin makes the waterproof IP67.


With new buckle bottom cover structure, it’s easy for you to install and remove without loosening screws. The behind shell have two handles which makes it more convenient to carry


The air-water plugs had been installed on module, needn’t to open the shell you can plug the power cord, signal cable, so it’s more safe and convenient to install and use


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